Dress Code


Hair must be fully secured back and away from the face and off of the neck at all times, in all classes. For ballet, hair must be pulled back into a neat, secure ballet bun using bobby pins.  a ponytail with the hair in a double loop is not a bun. CLICK  ON  THE  LINK  BELOW  FOR  A  BUN  TUTORIAL  


Dance Bag:

Please have a dance bag that has all the items that your dancer needs to have a great class! It should include hair items (hair ties, bobby pins, hair net, brush).  An extra pair of tights is always a great idea, too! 


Solid color leotard
Pink ballet shoes
Dance Bag 
Small ballet skirts are optional

Solid color shirt
Black dance/sweat pants or shorts (No denim)
Black ballet shoes
Dance Bag 

Jazz & Tap 

Solid color leotard
Black slip-on jazz shoes
Black tap shoes (Tap classes only)
Dance skirts or shorts are optional
Solid color shirt and pants or shorts (No denim)
Black jazz shoes
Black style tap shoes (Tap classes only)

Hip Hop

Boys & Girls

Dance sneakers (clean and worn only for dance)
Black dance/yoga pants or capris (No denim, skirts, or shorts)

Tight fitting t-shirt or tank (no mid-drifts)



Dance shorts optional
Tan stirrup tights
Foot undies or half soles

We can order anything you need for your dancer! We can fit for shoes and dance clothing at anytime through out the year. Just let any of our teachers know!